Excerpt from Easy Prey


What happens when Troy, a good-looking drifter with a worldly mannerisms, finds himself in small town Indiana, face to face with Daniel, a lanky young man chock full of sexual magnetism? Troy engineers a seat next to Daniel in the local movie house and plays at seeing just how far he can go, which turns out to be much farther than he ever imagined.

  • R-18
  • Light BSDM
  • 34 pages

          The flick was predictable. It was a feel-good Disney film—aren’t they all?—this one centered on a sermon about the environment with the predicable subplot about love conquering all, though the princess in this movie was a futuristic robot armed with laser cannons. The context didn’t matter to me, but it did to Daniel, who watched the film avidly, munching Junior Mints and slurping Sprite like a twelve-year-old. I knew not to make any advances at this point, but I took full advantage of Daniel’s fixation on the screen to study his face and body.
          Through flickering light and shadows I stole glances that revealed his good looks and build. His light-blond hair was the fly-away type. The slightest movement sent it scattering, sending his bangs dusting over his thin, straight eyebrows. I loved the curve of his shoulders, which his tank top shared with me. Daniel’s biceps were lean and long and covered with skin I was certain would feel luscious under my fingertips.
          He managed his Sprite—all sixty-four ounces—with a broad right hand that seemed made for palming basketballs while his left hand traveled over and over again to the box of Junior Mints in his lap, wedged tight between his crotch and the seat. My eyes traveled there over and over again too, and I found additional delight in watching the muscles of his thighs work as he jerked forward when onscreen action inspired it. My god, I thought, the ticket girl said he’s seen this how many times? How can he possibly still find it interesting? Once, as I admired the curve of his jaw, Daniel turned and looked right into my eyes—to share the film’s joke, I guess (I wasn’t paying attention). Caught! There was no way I could fake doing anything other than staring directly at him. His glee faded rapidly as puzzlement spread over his face.
          Now I’ve been at this point before, and I can tell you the best thing to do is not to try to hide it, but to go the other way: to be brazen. I smiled broadly and lowered my eyelids a bit. I leaned in and whispered, “I’m fascinated by how into this you are. You have to tell me why after the show’s over, okay?”
          I heard a small gasp catch in his throat when my warm breath touched his ear, but he didn’t pull away. Damn, he’s gonna be easy. He listened as I spoke slowly, but his eyes flicked to the screen. I wanted to imagine that he leaned toward me, but I don’t think that happened. When I finished speaking, I pulled back to a sitting position. He nodded without looking at me, then returned to slurping his drink. I watched the rest of the film instead of him so I could sound intelligent when we talked afterward.