I’m Changing the Narrative

Me doing my ever-upward-and-onward thing

Me doing my ever-upward-and-onward thing

Seth Godin is a smart man. Here’s what he said yesterday.

Living with what happens next

Most people are okay with living with the consequences of what happens.

The hard part is living with our narrative about how it happened and why.

If your plane is late and you miss the meeting and you don’t close the sale, well, you didn’t get the work.

But if your meeting is missed because you planned poorly, the story you tell yourself about why you didn't get the sale might just be worse than the business impact of not having been to the meeting.

Stress in a typical job isn’t the stress of losing or being killed in action, it’s the stress of imagining the narrative of failure in advance, the self-shaming and the what-ifs. When we leave those out, we get a chance to do our real work, undistracted by drama, cliffhangers and blame.

“Imagining the narrative of failure in advance.”

I do that a lot. I mean, a lot, as in more than ninety percent of the time.

“They” say we create our reality moment by moment, both on the level of raw input (sight, sound, touch, etc.) and the higher, more abstract levels (sense of self, perception of relationships, worldview, belief system, etc.).

If that’s true, then what’s to stop me—or you—from changing the narrative? I am, after all, an author. I write stories all the time.

I think I’ll begin a new chapter in my life’s story today.

How about you?