Dinner at Jerry’s

Lawton Lindemann is a quiet man with an active imagination—perhaps too active for his own good, especially when he lets it get the better of him in the middle of his favorite restaurant.

  • R-18
  • Inner fantasies
  • 17 pages

Easy Prey

What happens when Troy, a good-looking drifter with a worldly mannerisms, finds himself in small town Indiana, face to face with Daniel, a lanky young man chock full of sexual magnetism? Troy engineers a seat next to Daniel in the local movie house and plays at seeing just how far he can go, which turns out to be much farther than he ever imagined.

  • R-18
  • Light BSDM
  • 34 pages

Everywhere I Look

Paul Noren hates himself for never confessing his love to Peter Nichols, a war-weary mecha pilot sent to Mars via the Phobos Initiative, the first manned mission outside the Earth-Moon system, where he is now completely out of reach.

On a return trip to Earth, Peter collapses from illness just as he touches down, the unwitting victim of the illegal actions of a scientist who was part of the Phobos Initiative. While recovering, he is approached with a chance to help capture the man who almost killed him—but there is someone else he is far more desperate to find.

  • PG-13
  • Romance
  • 136 pages

Leveling Up

Adam Chandler and his life partner, Ben Randal, are set to celebrate their one-year anniversary as a couple. Adam is a brilliant game developer about to graduate from Emory University. When he arrives home late on Friday, he discovers a note from Ben, a blue rose boutonnière, and instructions to meet him at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta. When Adam arrives, he is mistaken for someone else, then ferried to the top of the hotel to an exclusive and expensive private room, where he’s told he is to be the companion of a rock star he worships. Things spin further and further out of control until Adam is so dazed and confused he doesn’t know which end is up. Will Ben believe his story—if they ever see each other again?

  • PG-13
  • Romance
  • 22 pages

One Thing Leads

What makes a young man go further than he ever thought he would?
          Dion Bellamy is twenty-seven and studying social work at the University of Chicago. He has lived with Kenji Okamura, a construction worker, for a year and a half. Dion loves Kenji and passionately hopes Kenji feels the same, but he has never said the three big words. Then Grayson Sinclair, Dion’s schoolmate and a vivacious, oversexed playboy, comes between them.
          One step at a time, barely aware where his steps are leading, Dion descends the slippery slope into a life of depravity. First, Grayson ensures Kenji is out of the way. Then he entices Dion to go clubbing with him, gets Dion drunk and high, and then takes him to a sex club, where he films Dion giving blow jobs to multiple men. He threatens to put the video online unless Dion signs a contract to work as a prostitute. Though he hardly understands how he reached this point, Dion must now figure out how to escape his fate and save himself.


The sun is setting at the edge of a park where Dave and James played at little boys. One takes the other’s hand, and searches for the courage to—

  • Flash fiction
  • PG-13
  • Romance
  • 4 pages

The Birdman of Saginaw

Dave is stuck in a rut. A knee injury ended his chances for a pro-football career, and now he works at a pet shop. When Lucas, a handsome, confident, and well-established man who collects birds enters his life, things take an unusual turn for Dave. Can he be happy with a man who seems to be everything he’s not?courage to—

  • PG-13
  • Romance
  • 50 pages

The 12 Days of Dennis

When an unexpected package is delivered on December 14th, Martin is more than a little intrigued by the contents—especially as they’re from his boyfriend, Dennis, and come with instructions to wear them when they go to dinner with Dennis’ parents the following night.

And that's only the beginning of Dennis’ suggestive gifts.

  • R-18
  • Gay humor
  • 77 pages